Not many people equate beauty with carnivorous plants.  Thought of as baubles for children or displayed in ugly fish tanks by botanists, they evoke images of grotesque freakish man-eaters found in dark ominous tropical jungles.  We have an innate revulsion of the predator/prey role reversal… A plant that can devour living prey!

Have a look at this Sarracenia Leucophylla 'Tarnok' - White Top Pitcher.  This plant is thriving in a 2-foot tall terrarium with new pitchers popping up continuously (the tallest being 20”).  Loving it’s new home so much, it has sent up an eerily beautiful 2-foot tall flower that has remained in bloom for 3 months.  The beautiful blush of green, white and red on leaves as well as the beautiful orchid-like variegation.

In less than a year, the terrarium will be completely filled with pitchers.  In the proper container, highlighting the plant’s beauty, these pitcher plants are as beautiful as a bunch of orchids.  And their colorful beauty will last much longer!

Upcoming post… the ingenious evolution and biology of carnivorous plants!

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