I think fungi and mushrooms are beautiful.  The colors, the textures, and the way they can appear anywhere unexpectedly.

While hiking in the fall, when the greenery of the forest floor begins to fade and die off, mushrooms and fungi provide a beautiful pop of color against dead leaves, duff, and wood of the forest floor.

In a terrarium (as in the last photo), I love to see mushrooms pop up.  I’m not one to obsess over my terrariums looking perfectly green and groomed.  I like the idea of the terrarium being a contained environment where lifecycles play out… watching leaves die off and mushrooms grow from them.  Watching new seeds sprout from mosses and plants that have dropped seed.


  1. I am a fellow funguy ! I love culturing mosse lichens even slime mold ! Great post !

    1. Thanks!! Yes... they're beautiful in a strange way... dark and textured!


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