Tamara Eaton of Tamara Eaton design found my terrariums online and suggested them to her clients who were in the process of renovating a 5,200-square-foot Victorian townhouse. Shortly after its purchase in 2008 from movie star couple Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany for a whopping $8.45 million, interior designer Eaton started a two-and-a-half-year modernization, renovation, and restoration.

The end result is the perfect marriage of old and new. The clean lines of deeply colored and richly textured furniture and mid-century modern pieces blend seamlessly with the home's intricate Victorian woodwork and ornate plaster ceilings.

The addition of a typical Victorian element (the terrarium) with a modern twist was fitting for the Prospect Park townhouse. Terrariums started in the Victorian era in order to grown tropical plants that would otherwise perish in England’s harsher climate. In addition, terrariums protected plants from the pervasive pollution of the time.

For a look at more of Tamara Eaton’s work, have a look at her website: www.tamaratoday.com

For more information and photos of the Prospect Park Townhouse, have a look at The Park Slope Patch blog: Prospect Park West

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